ADVANCE DEPOSIT REQUIRED: A deposit will be required by mayor credit card or by check ten days after the reservation has been made. A confirmation will be returned via email.

FINAL PAYMENT: is required 21days before departure of the trip. Payment must be made by personal check, money order, MasterCard or Visa. Cash payments must be made at the office.

DRIVER’S ROOM: it is required for you to provide a room for the driver.  There are many hotels that will provide this for large groups, but the burden is upon you to research and ultimately provide.

CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel your trip, 65% of your deposit will be refunded in , if you give at least 30 days notice. Less than 21 days, your full payment will be forfeited. There will be no refunds given for "no show-ups" on the day of the trip.

BAGGAGE: One baggage per person, unless otherwise stated will be conveniently placed in the baggage compartment of the coach. VIP Trans nor Princess Tours will not assume any liability for lost or damaged luggage. For safety reasons, coolers must be placed in the luggage compartment under the coach.

ARTICLES LEFT ON COACH: We cannot assume responsibility for articles of value left on our coaches. Since the driver is unable to remain with the coach at all times, all personal items left on the vehicle are left at the passenger's risk.

TOUR DEPARTURE POINTS: As stated in the tour itinerary, cars must be parked at your own risk at each pickup point. VIP Trans does not recommend any extended overnight parking at the Park and Rides.

SMOKING: For the consideration of passengers. Smoking will not be allowed on the coach. Frequent stops will be made for the convenience of our smoking passengers.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited on board the motor coach.

DAMAGE TO COACH: Any damage to the vehicle inside or outside caused by any of its passengers, when such damage is caused by carelessness or destruction, the party will be held responsible.

MEMBERSHIP: We reserve the right to reject or terminate the membership of those that we consider objectionable to the group. This will also apply while the tour is en route. No children under age five allowed. No animals allowed on the coach.

FOREIGN COUNTRY ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: On tours to or through Bahamas, (Passport required) / Canada or Mexico, all United States citizens must carry proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate with raised seal and photo ID or a valid passport. Everyone must have proof of citizenship.

LIABILITY: VIP Trans acts only as an agent for the passenger in all matters to the tours except transportation by its own vehicles, and is not responsible for any damage, injury, loss or accident to person or baggage or other personal property of the passenger, when said passenger is traveling by other transportation means while on tours prepared for the pleasure of it patrons. VIP Trans also reserves the right to change itineraries and substitute arrangement (without notice) including mode of transportation, routing, specified features and hotel accommodations, if in their opinion circumstances warrant a change. The right is also reserved to cancel any and all tours on refund of payment if bookings are inadequate. VIP Trans or Princess Tours cannot be liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, bad conditions of roads, snowstorms, and conditions beyond its control (such as Dept of Transportation on spot inspections) and does not guarantee to arrive or depart I time due to said conditions.

YOUR COOPERATION: will be greatly appreciate and we look forward to serving you in the future. If you have any questions, please call our office at 1 877 467-0307.

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